Wednesday, January 23, 2008 we come!

Before you know it, Josh and I will be back in beautiful weather, living in our swimsuits and floppy hats! I can't wait. We thought we had better take at least one more sweet vacation before we enter into parenthood, so we booked a trip! We've always wanted to travel with friends, so we are excited to be going with Adrienne and J.D. We wasted no time and decided to go while it was still winter, so we are leaving in 20 days! We will be there for Valentines, Adriennes B-day and our anniversary! YEAH! The good thing is now we have time before July to fit another trip in, not counting CA!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Funny sleep habits...

So, Josh is a weird sleeper. He always wakes me up with his talking and weird movements. The funny part is, no matter how much he is talking to me, he really does not remember anything in the morning. Last night was the best...Most of you know that I am for sure a night person, and I didn't have school today, so I was going to stay up later than Josh. Of course I fell asleep watching TV... I finally woke up and went to bed. As soon as I opened the door to our bedroom, Josh flips off the blankets and jumps up out of bed. I freak out in the corner by the door and say things like, "What are you doing," "Josh wake up, you are freaking me out." Then he says, "Why do you always freak out when I get up at night?" I knew he wasn't awake. He continues to say, "I just want to get a cold glass of milk and pour it on your face!" Then I say, "Are you awake?" And he sleepily responds, "Yes," as he quickly falls right back to sleep. I laughed out loud for a few minutes and replayed it in my head so I wouldn't forget what he said. Of course my adrenaline was rushing too because for a second there I was really scared...And do you think he remembered this morning? NO!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our weekend...

Goodbye Ford Ranger! Josh is finally getting a truck from work! His boss has told him the whole year that he would get one. Last week his boss told him that he could put his old truck up for he did. Josh was bored on Friday so I said put your truck on Craigslist and see what happens. He posted it and 2 minutes later a guy called him...5 minutes after that Josh was leaving to meet the guy to show him the truck...15 mins after that I was leaving because he had sold it and didn't have a ride home! Good thing we had 3 cars and he will have something to drive this week. We better get a new truck this week...anyone want to buy a Dodge neon?
Saturday, I had to take a test at UVSC at 7:30 am! For anyone who has their teaching degree, which lots of you actually do, I had to take the Praxis content test over again. I took it 5 years ago and got a 147. To get my level 2 license I had to get a 150. So I took it again. I will be lucky if I got a 100. It was so hard and random...I will let you know in 4 weeks what my score was...

The rest of the day we hung out with Adrienne and JD. We went golfing, went to Trolley Square, and then to the Jazz game. It was a lot of fun. Adrienne and I are such good sports! We even tried golfing on the 3 par course, but it was just to cold (and boring.) Josh and JD are connected at the hip, literally...see the dark pic above. Starting this week, JD is even working at Brite Nites with Josh. They have quite the life.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Miss Utah...

This is Jill Stevens...Miss Utah. She was my neighbor in the dorms my freshman year of college. She is so awesome! Lately I have become a huge fan because of the show Miss America: Reality Check on TLC. I love the channel and when I saw this was on I was excited to see what it is all about. There has only been one episode and Jill was in it a lot. It was fun to watch, and she even was voted into the top 3 by the judges! Anyways, the Miss America pageant is on TLC on January 26th and of course, like many reality TV shows, they are giving America a chance to vote.

"The Miss America organization has decided to involve fans in the pageant voting this year. Following the first episode of Miss America: Reality Check on TLC (which aired Friday, January 4), voting opened for viewers to select a surprise 16th pageant finalist in the competition.
Voting for the pageant's 16th finalist will run through midnight on January 25, and the contestant with the most votes, who is not already included as a Top 15 finalist, will become "America's Choice" to be revealed during the "Miss America Live!" finale that evening."

Anyways, if you are from Utah, or even if your for her! You can do it through Go Jill!

p.s. I am usually not into the whole pageant thing...I think it's fun because I know her...and you have to admit they are fun to watch when you catch them on TV!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The loves of my life...

I know I need to start posting pictures of Josh and I, and maybe someday pictures of my own kids, but as of now these are some of the most important people in my life! After spending over a week with them you would think they would drive me nuts, but they don't! I miss them already. I stole this pic off of my moms computer while in California and just had to post it. I am obsessed with my nieces and nephews!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Belated New Year!

My only New Year's pic...Josh and my brothers lit all the trash we had from the cabin at midnight! Exciting night, huh? It was funny because we were all so busy watching them through the windows that we didn't even notice midnight had come and gone. pro of living in Suncrest...great views! con of living in Suncrest...more snow than you would believe! We had to hire someone to come do our driveway when we got back from CA because there was so much snow...and it never melts!

So, we were in California for a week and when we flew home my whole fam flew up with us. We all stayed at my parents cabin in Oakley, Utah...kind of by Park City. We had so much fun! I just can't get enough of my nieces and nephews! The only bummer was that I had to go back to school while everyone was still here...and get this...the night we got back to our house we had no water! I was so frustrated! I had to shower before we called this emergency number and some crazy dude came out at 10:00 p.m. and fixed the problem. The meter out on the sidewalk had frozen. I got to shower before my first day back to school! YEA!