Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our fun Christmas break...

Christmas morning rocked! I usually like the idea of a white Christmas, but not when you live in it all winter. Christmas at the beach is the best way to go. My niece and nephews slept in the guest house with my mom and dad and came tromping in at 6:30. The picture of the tree doesn't even do justice to how many presents there were under the tree. These kids are spoiled! There was even a bounce house waiting outside for them from Santa. We got the best deal on all the kids matching p.j.s at Gymboree and they looked so cute. They opened them on Christmas Eve, and Isaac put his back in his box and said, "This isn't the present I wanted to open," and he went to look for another one.

My cute class on the day of our class Christmas party. Santa came! It's been nice to have a break from these guys, but I sure do miss them!

We started off our Christmas with the drive through lights at Thanksgiving Point! LAME! I don't think it is very appealing to the mid 20's crowd. Somebody made the choice to go for family night on Monday night...there were hundreds of cars! Good thing we went with good company, but we learned a good lesson...never go again!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some of the cutest kids ever...

Here is my sisters Christmas card...aren't her kids the cutest? I am a very proud aunt!

Something I am NOT looking forward to...

So, this was my house last year in January! What a mess...this tiny picture doesn't do justice...I get so much snow at my house! I am already annoyed with the little amount of snow I have outside right now and I can't imagine the trauma I will feel in the months to come. Luckily Josh got us a snow blower today. He will love more shoveling! I really don't mind the snow when I am able to be inside all day, drinking hot chocolate and watching TV. However that is rare...I am usually braving the cold, snowy mornings trying to get to work on time! I miss summer!