Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are off...

to visit these people...and we couldn't be more excited!

Tomorrow, we leave for CA for 2 weeks! We haven't been all summer and thought we better get down there for a good long trip! Sav knows all her Clark cousins by name and loves being with them, and I love watching her get to know them! We are going to have a blast!
Meanwhile, here in Utah, summer is ending. Didn't it just start? Here are some things we've been up to...
*Trips to the cabin
*A race from Logan to Jackson Hole
*A trip to St. George with some of my favorite girls
*A visit from the JD, Adrienne and Maddie
*1st BYU game...I will now loose my Hubby to football for a couple of months
*Many trips to the park...Sav can't get enough,she gets crazy at the park!
*going through the decision to teach or not(decision is made...not teaching!)
*spending time with family and friends


California, ready or not, here we come...