Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 years

I can't believe we've been married for 4 years! It seems like yesterday we had our perfect wedding. We are so old! Okay, not really but I will always be in denial about how old I am getting! Anyway, Josh and I are really perfect for each other. We've been so blessed and have had the best marriage. I am so excited to grow old with him, my best friend. It's my year to plan what we do for our anniversary, and it's a surprise, so I will post about it after it happens. Happy Anniversary to us! Love you babe!

The highlights of the past 4 years:

1st year
*moved into our sweet dingy 1 bedroom apt. in Cedar City
*awesome honeymoon-cruise to the Caribbean
*I graduated
*moved to LA for Josh’s internship at Paramount
*bought our house in Suncrest
*moved in with my Grandma in SLC and started teaching
*moved to an apartment in Sugarhouse

2nd year
*went to Maui with my family
*finally moved into our house
*went to Pennsylvania (Josh’s mission) for Thanksgiving

3rd year
*went to Florida for Randii and Tyrone’s wedding
*went to Lake Powell with the Lindsey’s
*went to Puerto Vallarta with Josh’s family for Thanksgiving
*Josh graduated

4th year
*went to Hawaii with Adrienne and J.D.
*had our baby girl

There is probably tons I am leaving out(like numerous trips to CA)but I wanted to document these things before we forget!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

100 things about Josh

Well, this is Josh and my very first post. Every blue moon I get my blog on, and after reading Sarah Roberts 100 things about her recently, I was like "dang, I am going to try that" I didn't think I was going to be able to hit 100 things, But a half hour later I was at 100! So at your expense if you want to read through all 100 go for it. I tried to miggle in a few pictures to make it interesting. Enjoy!

1. I love sports everything about them, watching them, playing them, and being a fan.
2. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true
3. I played football my freshman year of college at SUU and it was miserable, our team was horrible we went 2-10.
4. I love the mornings in Suncrest where I live, the sunrises are amazing.
5. I love to read, I always seem to be working through some book and most of them have to do with business or investing. I didn’t like to read until my mission.
6. I have one of the best families in the world, everyone is so supportive and we are all close.
7. My wife is perfect for me. She is beautiful and keeps me grounded.
8. I have one of the cutest girls in the world, I call her Savannah smiles because she smiles so much.

(See I told you! She loves her dad)

9. My friends are some of the best people I know; I have so many great memories of my friends. They all in one way or another really impress me.
10. I love the gospel, it amazes me sometime how lucky I am to have it.
11. I have great in-laws; they are some of the most giving people I know.
12. I loved high school. I have great memories of it.
13. I ran track in high school the 800 meters was my best event. My best time was 1:57.80
14. I was defensive player of the year on my high school football team my senior year.
15. I like to have a schedule; I hate wasting time, and like to be busy.
16. I did a summer internship at Paramount Pictures for a summer when we were first married.
17. I built the deck on my house.
18. Megan and I ran the St. George marathon. My time was 3 hours and 9 minutes.
19. Megan and I really got into running for one year in our marriage; we also ran a 171 mile relay with 12 other people from Logan to Park City.
20. I went on a mission to Harrisburg Pennsylvania.
21. I am not a bit fan of pets! They are a little dirty and stinky!
22. I graduated from the University of Utah, but I am a huge BYU football fan.
23. I waste too much time playing ticket 2 ride on the computer, but I enjoy it.
24. I love to ski, Megan’s parents have friends that have a beautiful home on the canyons ski resort and there is no better way to ski then ski in ski out.
25. I love golf. I got a lot better this year, but have lots of room to improve. I could golf 3 times a week.
26. Someday I am going to drive a sports car. I like how it feels to drive a cool car.
27. I really admire great leaders; I want to be someone that produces at a high level.
28. I love good food! One of my favorite things is having a good meal with good company.
29. I like exotic places, my type of vacation involves a beach with 80 degree weather.
30. I have an entrepreneurial spirit.
31. My wife has one of the best personalities. She is so fun to be around.

(this is what happens when she leaves me with Savannah, She throws out all her diapers and eats the basket)

32. I like to exercise. I feel really good when I have a habitual exercise routine. Which I have had most my life, except now.
33. I love fresh fruit, especially picking a crisp apple off a tree and chowing it down.
34. I like going to the movies, especially when its an action pack bond type movie.
35. I love listening to music really loud in the car with the windows rolled down in the summer going fast on the freeway.
36. I had a high school girl friend.
37. I have both sets of grandparents still alive and am really close to them.
38. I love week end get always to St. George. Especially if you are staying in a nice place and have lots of golf planned. I plan on owning a house there someday.
39. My favorite cereal is probably honey nut cheerios.
40. I love breakfast, I can’t go without it. My fav. Is French toast.
41. I like to cook, I don’t do it that often but wish I had time to make gourmet meals and get really good.
42. I want to play the piano, its one of my goals this year to take lessons.
43. I am not a big fan of Las Vegas every time I go there I feel like I need a shower and a bishop.
44. I hate the BCS, college football needs a play off.
45. I always think I like going to plays, but every time I go, I get board and want to leave at the intermission. They are just too long.
46. 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
47. I went to two Penn St. football games on my mission. We did service there, (kind of)
48. Some of my best friends are guys I met on my mission.
49. I have been blessed to be associated with a lot of successful people in my life.
50. I like a clean house, but who doesn’t. Sometimes I get in cleaning moods and go to town. Someday I will hire someone to clean my house.
51. I would like to design my own house someday, Megan and I really like going through homes.
52. I like to think I have style, Megan say’s I am 60% trendy and 40% just my style. I don’t know what to take of that.
53. I like being with friends, there is nothing better than reminiscing and laughing and having a good conversation with friends.
54. My first kiss was in eight grade to Krista Deveroux.
55. I lost my virginity in … JK on my wedding night. It was great!
56. I had the best mission president. He looked like an angel, pail skin, 6’5, and white hair. He gave some of the best talks.
57. I hiked lone peak this year with my dad an uncle. It took us 6 hours and 50 minutes to get the peak (we got lost) and 3 hours to get down. There is something about being on top of a mountain.
58. In Hawaii this past year with JD and Adriane we sat next to Mike Holmgran and his wife (Seattle Seahawks coach) at the 4 season’s restaurant.
59. I knocked on Joe Paterno’s door on my mission. We talked for a while and got a picture with him.
60. I know if you read the Book of Mormon you’re a better person that day then if you didn’t.
61. Joseph Smith is one of the most amazing people that ever lived, I admire that guy.
62. I like to think I am handy. I like to have little projects.
63. My grandparents have a cabin in Wyoming that we go to each year. It’s beautiful there.
64. I campaigned for President Bush when he ran for President in 2004 in Pennsylvania for 5 days.
65. I sold teeth whitening on the phone as my first job when I got home from my mission (lame).
66. I also built log cabins for 3 days, until I figured I spent as much on gas getting to the job site as what I was making.
67. I owned my own business my junior year in High school called “the window guys” with my best friend Jack Roberts. We did it for a summer.
68. I sang in the choir in high school, I know pretty dorky, but it was fun.
69. I once drove a Jet Ski from Dana Point to Catalina Island with Megan’s Dad and my brother in-law. It took 2 ½ hours each way. I have never been so sore in my life.
70. Megan and I managed a four plex for 6 months when we were newly married it wasn’t a good experience.
71. My best bowling score is a 184.
72. I had season tickets to the Jazz the last two years, I love going to games, but now I don’t have time to go to enough games to make it worth it.
73. I have had season ticket to BYU football the last 3 years. It’s the highlight of my week during football season.
74. There is nothing cuter the Savannah’s giggle.
75. I like making out more than my wife does, she would rather cuddle(go figure).
76. I had a great mission, it couldn’t of been better. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had.
77. I sold 300,000 dollars worth of Christmas lights last winter. I think that’s cool.
78. I have been to a Monday night football game in Miami Florida.
79. I got hit by a car when I was in elementary school on 9000 s and 1300 w. in WJ.
80. Soccer was my first sport when I was 6 years old. I played until 8th grade.
81. I have never smoked a cigarette, but have tasted beer.(my rebellion week in 9th grade)
82. I sold pest control before my mission in California. That is where I fell in love with Megan.
83. I once got hurt and taken down the hill in a toboggan while skiing with Jack in Jr. High. We had Sluffed School, and took the bus up to the slopes. The doctors ended up calling my mom, and we got busted. Jack parents were madder than mine.
84. Once Jack and I went joy riding when we were 15 and pulled up right behind his parents. That was not a good night either.
85. I can’t stand clutter
86. I have hitch hiked once in my life with Andy Boyer after getting stranded coming home from St. George.
87. I have broken down on my way to or from Southern Utah in the car more times than I can remember. Some of them are great stories.
88. I drove to Florida with my Uncle and Aunt and their dog my sophomore year is high school. It was one of the best trips. 42ish hours each way! WOW!
89. I went to a buddiest meeting once and it was one of the strangest things I have been too.
90. My dad is an identical twin. He is a good man, and we are good friends.
91. Megan waited for me on my mission (kind of). We were one of those lucky ones that made it. She just wanted my body to bad.
92. I have been on one cruise, my honeymoon. The western Caribbean.
93. I want to have a garden. I think its cool to grow your own food, and I love fresh veggies.
94. My dad and I installed our sprinkler system at my house. It was much more work than I thought.
95. My favorite TV show is Prison Break. I have seen every episode since the beginning. This is the 4th season.
96. I love ice cream, especially homemade shakes. My favorite is cookie dough!
97. “I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” Great quote by a book I am currently reading –Atlas Shrugged
98. I ran up the suncrest traverse hill with my dad once. From Chevron to the Market.
99. My favorite cookie is my Grandma Chase’s Santa sugar cookies. They are so good and soft.
100. I can’t believe I just thought of 100 things that is impressive!

(She's a babe!)