Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Who doesn't like a holiday weekend? ...crickets...Yeah, and no hands went up either! Everybody loves the holiday weekends. I guess that is, if you have work off. We sure enjoyed ours. We went up to Megan's parents cabin in Oakley. It was beautiful up there.
We had some Amish people come do some spring cleaning. I had connections from my mission.
Just kidding, that is Megan's dad Dean, he has been growing out his beard. I just thought that picture made him look like an Amish man. We did a lot of work around the cabin to get it cleaned up for the summer and cut down a lot of tree's that had died. Savannah wanted to throw some rocks in the river.
Megan and I went into Kamas on Monday morning and worked out at the Gym there. We don't get to work out together that often with our schedule so it was fun. The kiddo's were happy to welcome us back. Charlotte was all bundled up in a snow suit.
The weather was perfect on Monday and it was great to see Megan's parents and enjoy the mountains. On our way back we stopped in Park City. We thought we would do the Alpine Slide.
There was a lot going on at the resort, but the lines were horribly long. I sat in the Alpine slide line for over an hour at least. In the end Savannah had a great time going down with me and it was a fun afternoon.
Looking forward to the next holiday weekend....the 4th of July!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Krit and Ked

Well, it looks like Megan took a blast from the past in her last post. She really loves the movie "Back to the Future" so it wasn't a shock to me. She is always talking how hot Micheal J Fox was in his hay day and won't get rid of his poster she has been collecting! So she used the blog as an outlet! Anyways, back to the present. My sister Kristine...or Krit as we like to call her got married this past weekend to Kedrick...or Ked as his family likes to call him. Krit & Ked...2 peas in a pod. Here they are with Ms. Savannah Kate
We are all happy for them. They seem to love each other, and Ked has a great family. We had a great time with them these past 2 weeks with all the wedding festivities.
They got married in the Salt Lake Temple. Two different sealers actually married them, because the first one lost his voice right in the middle of it. He couldn't stop coughing and got someone else to come in and finish. Megan and I attended.
The reception was fun. Its always fun to see and catch up with people from the old neighborhoods I grew up in as well as family you don't see all that often. We ate and danced and wisked them off to where they stayed at the Grand America hotel for there first night. Cake Fight!
There first dance!
At the reception with my too beautiful girls.
I hear they had a great night! We all did and Congrats to Krit and Ked!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Savannahs 3rd Birthday

Savannah turned 3 years old 10 months ago :) I loved the idea of having 2 little girls with their Birthdays in the same month. Think of the possiblities for their joint parties!! Well, that idea is great except for the year when you have a 10 day old baby and are recovering from a csection! Luckily, we have a great family that helped throw things together to help make sure Savannah had a great Birthday. My mom was still in town so it helped me be less stressed. One thing that I want to remember is that Charlotte was already sleeping so well, that I didn't even need a nap that day! That morning, Savannah and I went and got cupcakes and balloons. Josh picked up pizzas and ta-da, we had a party! Savannah opened many presents, including lots of princess things. Our neighbor had given us a princess bike that we saved to give to her for her birthday. All in all, it was a success and we were very happy to celebrate with our sweet 3 year old. She was having a hard time adjusting to her new life as a big sister, so it was good to have a day just for her! Love you Savannah Kate!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers day & Training

Happy belated Mother’s Day! Megan went to California for Mother’s day with Charlotte to see her Mom and our nephew Bradyns baptism. She sent me this picture on one of her morning runs....saying "wishing you were here!"
She had a great time with her sisters and family.
I on the other had took Savannah with me to Monticello UT to my sister Kristine and Kedricks wedding open house. I will share about that on another post possibly, but we had a great time as well. Savannah makes a great travel partner and we had a lot of fun. I wanted to post about my dad’s and my last 6 months training for the Squaw peak 50 mile trail race. We have had some great experiences and some awesome training runs. So I wanted to archive a few of them. It’s been a great experience. About 6 months ago I was watching the Hawaii iron man on TV. You know how they always show the heart wrenching stories and it made me think about how hard it is to train for these distance events and I felt for these people. I have trained and ran races for a lot of my adult life and watching some of the stories got me all emotional thinking about these people. Anyways the next day a friend from our old ward emailed out an invite to register with him for the squaw peak 50 mile race. I had paced him for the final 17 miles of this race 2 years earlier. All motived from the day before I thought I am going to do this. After thinking about it, I figured I would do it only if my dad did it with me. I needed a training partner and he is mentally tougher than I am and would push me to train hard and it would be a good chance to spend some time with him training. So I gave him a call and he said he would do it with me! We were in! So here are some of our runs from December to now. My dad and I trained separately during the week and ran together on Saturday’s. We did a training run up Granger MT in December. It was snowy at the top and funny to think how far we have come since this time. This was one of our first good hard workouts. My dad kicked my but up this mt by the way. This is us at the top.
I remember running in the snow up Weber Canyon in Oakley. We did like 7 miles and it was cold and miserable. We worked our way up to a 20 mile run. We ran most the whole Jordan river parkway. This is one of the worst training runs I have ever experienced. My IT band went out at about 14 miles. I had trained really hard that week and just put too much stress on it. My mom picked us up at a lowes at like 3900 south and I was spent. I remember just kind of hobbling at the end. The end of March we ran up Mt. Olympus. It was snowy at the top but the saddle was beautiful. Here is my dad at the top.
We spent a weekend down at Brian Head in Cedar city and did a 30 mile trail run in Zion National park. It was a beautiful day. It was a tough workout. My dad’s legs went out on him at about 28 miles. We saw some awesome things though. We ran into a spring about 15 miles in and it was heaven sent. We soaked our legs and took a quick pit stop. We finished running down Angels landing and the cliffs a few miles about it were amazing. My phone battery ran out at about 20 miles. here are some random pics.
Our last and final HARD work out was this past weekend in Monticello UT. We did a 20 miler up a mountain literally to Foy lake. Foy lake is at around 8000 feet elevation. Foy lake was our half way point and there were some fisherman there. It’s a freezing cold lake as you can imagine this time of year. We striped down and dove right in. The fisherman were yelling and clapping how crazy we were. It took your breath away and after about 60 became numb. After that it was so refreshing and the view over Canyon lands was amazing! Foy Lake
We run the race in 3 weeks. It’s been great doing this with my dad. We have had some great talks and it’s also been a spiritual experience. I will be happy to have this past me, and Megan will probably even been happier. She is tired of having me gone every Saturday morning.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New York

Well...I just happened to check out the family blog today, and realized Megan has taken a whole year hiatus on this thing. No our family didn't go missing for a year. Its been a great year, just our camera broke. I am quite sure nobody ventures upon this blog anymore so I thought it's safe for me to contribute for the next little while. In stead of going back in time, and updating the last year I am just going to start fresh. She must have gotten burned out, I don't know. I will start with our latest vacation. Megan and I went to NY City a few weeks back for a long weekend. For me it was my first time there and Megan's 2nd (it's usually that way).
My favorite part of the trip was the double decker bus tour. We saw everything...we sat right next to the guide and he was hilarious and knew NY like the back of his hand. Here is a pic passing the Wall-street protestors.
I was bullish this whole trip...they have to protect this thing from the protestors 24 hours a day.
We went to the Rachel Ray show, and I got to ask Fergie a question on TV. Its a good story...The show producer grabbed me right as we walked in and pulled me a side asking if I would do it. After a little make up, a mic installed and a little question asking practice, I was good to go. That was a highlight of the trip. Time Square was cool. It reminded me of Las Vegas...without the porn all over the place. Its a sight to see.
We rented bikes and rode around Central Park for a half day. It was a beautiful day. The tree's were just blooming and it was warm. We had lunch at the boat house. This is a picture of the lake in the middle of Central park. We had a great time doing that.
We stayed with my good fried Carter Skeath and his girl friend Megan for 2 nights. He works in NY and lives in Manhattan. We had a great time with them and it was good to catch up. We saw the play Sister Act on Broadway and really enjoyed it.
We took a 3 hour food tour of Chelsea Market one morning, and had a good time. Megan with the Lobster.
Us on a cool outdoor building patio during the food tour.
We went to the top of the Rockefeller Center. It was pretty cool...
We also saw Mrs. Liberty on our way to Staten Island.
Last but not least we visited the 9/11 memorial. That was great! It was really nice and will be a great place when its all done.
We spent one night at the Andez Hotel on Wall Street. It was probably the nicest hotel we have stayed at which isn't saying much, but it was a really nice room. We had a great time and it was nice to get away for a long weekend.