Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer 2013

HI! Its me again for my quarterly post. Just thought I would journal about the summertime so my posterity can know what I did with my early 30's! Its raining of those days you just want to curl up in a blanket with some hot chocolate and watch batman! Anyways... Lets work backwards.

Joyce(Megans mom) and I competed in a cooking contest together a few weeks back. Its called the Iron Pig. Here is a link if your interested in reading about it. We had a great time.

BYU just lost to Utah for the 4th straight year. Pete took me to the game with him. We had a great time hanging out and it was a beautiful night, just a bummer BYU seems to shrink at the big games.

We went to California this summer. Megan went with the girls for 10 days and I just came for a long weekend. While she was gone I painted our backslash and changed out the lights as a surprise for her. It turned out really good.


We did Clark family pictures while we were there in an orange grove and they turned out really good.

Sav loves her CA cousins... Sav and Dani on the Farris Wheel @ Irvin spectrum

Megan doing what she does best in CA ;)relaxing!!!

My highlight was Golfing with JD an Brent! It was a fun trip.

Our girls are growing up fast! They are as cute as ever! Sav is a great big sister.

Luckily Charlotte is cute because she currently is a little tornado.

Sav turned 5 this year and we had an ice cream party for her. We invited all her friends and they had cones, made cards and played pin the cherry on the ice cream cone.

I turned 30 this year! Yep the cats out of the bag. It was a great night. I invited my best friends who live in Utah and their wives to dinner and had them all share their favorite memory of me and I shared my favorite memory of them. It was a nice night. The guys went bowling afterward.

Last but not least. I had this kid named Daniel come and work on my yard with me this summer. He has lived in Utah all his life. He was 16 years old and never been to cafe rio. I couldn't believe it. So I treated him to lunch there. I had to post that because it blew my mind.

Its been a Great summer. We love our new house, and things are well. Couldn't be more blessed. Praise be to god!