Thursday, October 24, 2013


I watched Captain Phillips last night. I remember really being into that story back in 2009. Mark my business partner was always commenting how much I loved the pirate story because I talked about it so much back then. I went to the movie by myself and had no idea before hand what it was about. It touched my soul a little bit. I was more grateful when I left the theater. I am grateful for the USA, and saddened by the poor and destitute of this world. I wish the whole world was filled with the love of Christ. I felt for that captain. What a tramatizing couple days.

I just watched this video link of this couple. Stories like this blow my brains and touch my heart. Wow. It reassures me that there is still goodness in this world, and the love of god is still pursued. Such love...she is a saint, an angel. She is an example of the love of god.

Ian and Larissa's story remind me of how very blessed I am to be married to Megan. She is such a wonderful wife--she is loving, beautiful, and kind. She is a blessing in my life.

Life is changing for us. The only constant in this world is change so they say. Mark and I sold our shipping business, and Mark bought me out of the Soda business. So I am a "free Agent". It will be exciting to see what the next year brings. Megan is also pregnant with our 3rd kid. I am looking forward to the future and enjoying the present.

Most important in our live right now is the hope in Christ that we have. I am trying to love like he loves. The only way to become like him it to imitate him. He had such compassion and always lifted the burdens of those in need. His life was spent helping the less fortunate, tending to the sick and lame, always caring and helping those with burdens. I love him and wish this whole world could love as he did.

Most days I am in awe at the beauty of this world. Maybe its the sunrise on my way into work. Sometimes its looking up at the stars and the moon. The mountains, fields and lakes. Everyday I am moved by some sort of beauty that I see.

Life is good. There is still a lot of good in this world and I hope we all can be apart of that goodness.