Thursday, July 11, 2013

Charlotte May is 2!!

This is my 1st post ever on this blog about Charlotte! Sad!

I wanted to document her 2nd bday and little about her at this stage.

Her bday was pretty laid back but so fun. It started off with Donuts and chocolate milk, then we went swimming with cousins, she took a nap and then we had a little family party with Joshs family. I bought one of those cool layered rainbow cakes. It was a perfect day for a 2 year old! She got a couple of cute/useful gifts. We got her a bike trailer because she cries when her dad and sister go on bike rides and she cant go. Up until this week, when you asked her how old she was, she would say "por." Which is 4 because that is what she hears her sister say to everyone. Now she'll say 2 (or sometimes 3 or 4 still!!)

A few things about Charlotte that I want to remember...

*She hums while she eats. She's been doing this since I can remember!
*Loves her binki. She only gets it at nap/bedtime but tries to sneak it in between.
*She's a yeller. She yells at the top of her lungs for me when she wakes up. She yells at her "sissy" to do things for her.
*She LOVES her sister. She's learned that her sister will pretty much do anything for her and takes advantage of it. I LOVE watching them together. She wants to do everything Savannah does which is pretty disappointing when Sav has playdates all day long.
*Charlotte talks about her Grandma, Dawson and Alec all the time.
*She watches YouTube many times a day. I search "Animal Songs" and she knows how to pick what one she wants and change it if she wants a new one. She knows my phone better than I do. Lately instead of games she'll just go through the photos and show us the ones she likes.
*She gets into everything! Squeezes toothpaste, squirts out soap, dumps out food storage, pulls all of her clothes out of her dresser, pulls out the entire thing of floss, etc, etc, ETC!! I have to follow her around all day long!

From Josh:

Charlotte loves her big sister Savannah and always wants to do everything she does. She has a cute little voice and talks in one word sentences. She loves duck, duck, goose and any game where you have to chase her. She is a little tease. She loves to play with balls. Every night when I get home from work she wants me to toss the ball with her. She love what she calls "hulk" I will act like "the Hulk" and chase them and lift them up on my legs and she loves that. So when I get home she say's "Ball" or "Hulk". She loves to sneak into the pantry and open the dry food storage and make a mess when the dried blue berries. She is a little cutie and a very happy girl. We love her.