Monday, May 13, 2013


I stumbled across our blog today and thought, "this blog needs an update!" So here I am with a winter review. Its been a great winter. I am always grateful for life and all it has to offer. We are very blessed and happy and have really enjoyed the winter months.

In November we bought a business with Mark and Racquel. Its called Custom Soda Labels. Its been really fun and we have made lots of changes.

We do private label for restaurants & stores wholesale or custom labels for parties, events, or holidays. We carry 10 different soda flavors a water. Its been a work in progress but coming along. Here is a Father day label we are doing for Deseret Book.

All of Megan's family came to the cabin for a winter trip.

We skied a few days and I finally got Megan out to go skiing.

There were some beautiful days on the mountain.

Savannah did a lot of sledding with Grandpa Clark and her cousins.

We even went to Soldier Hollow finally and we all had a great time. Savannah went 2 hours straight in the cold and didn't want to come home.

I made a root beer for Deans birthday which was over the holidays with this label. It was fun.

Charlotte wanted to say hi!

I went on a daddy daughter date with Savannah for valentines


Raelene turned 30...we had a surprise party for her. Megan and Raelene...

I grew a beard for 6 weeks!

Packed car...we took this picture so we can look back years from now laughing at how we made soda delivers. Marks Car broke on this trip!

We moved into a new house in March. It was bitter sweet! We loved our old house and the street we lived on. It was so nice to live on a green space where the kids could just run out the front door and play. But we LOVE our new house as well and its just down the street. We are in a new ward, and its been fun designing a new house.


A week later we went to CA for Easter and our nephew Evans baby blessing. It was a great trip. I went to the desert with my brother in law Aaron and his 2 boys and some friends of theirs. It was a blast though. He has some awesome toys.

Aaron tipped the razor over in the 4x4 park.

We stayed a night with JD and Adrienne which was so great to see them and their family.


We also went to the San Juan Capistrano catholic Mission. It was pretty cool. The gardens and trees were amazing. It was quite interesting as well.
Sav and Charlotte. Charlotte was too short to put her head in the open hole so we just moved it and took a picture of her on the stool to avoid a tantrum!

We are lucky to have such great friends and family and love them all very much. See you next post!