Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Time

Here is the update from the fall! Its been beautiful this year.

I was just telling my parents I don't think I will ever hike as much in the mountains as I did this year. Between all my races, trail training and various day hikes, I have spent my fare share of time in the mountains this year.

Tyrone and I just hiked Mt. Olympus a week or so ago. It was on his bucket list to hike a mountain and we have been talking about doing it for years now. Finally we did it and had a great time. It was a beautiful day for a hike. I love being around Ty, he always inspires and pushes me to be greater. I have experienced some of my most spiritual experiences with Tyrone. He is a great friend, and I love his family. Here we are on top of the world.

This gives you an idea how pretty it was...almost to the top.

We went to St. George for a little get away over conference weekend. Adrianne was running in the marathon and others we knew so we wanted to go see them and the race. We got there right before the first place people were coming in. It was awesome being there so early. I got emotional a few times seeing some of the people coming in because I knew how hard they must have trained and for some reason I just got chocked up. Seeing the first place girl come in was was a cool moment. It was also fun to see some of the really good runners come hobbling in barely making the finish line. It was great to spend time with JD and Adrianne and Shawn and Laura. Its too bad we all didn't live closer to each other. Here is the girl clan.

We stayed at our friends Megan and Sammy Fans family condo while we were there. Charlotte sure strutted that place in style.

We did a lot of canning this fall. Somehow Megan and I caught the canning bug! We loved the farmers markets and ended up canning applesauce, salsa, tomatoes, raspberries, and elderberry syrup. He is a picture of a small sampling.

Halloween was in full throttle this year. Megan and I dressed up twice. We had a fun Halloween season. We went to a few different parties and get togethers.

Megan was the Holy Ghost

I was the Devil.

We were Adam and Eve and rocked the karaoke. (no that isn't a squirrel that ran up Megans crotch...its a leaf)

We made a bloodie brain cake...not bad for the first try.!

The fall weather was great this year. Life if rolling right a long. We are very blessed!