Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My Grandparents have a cabin in Alpine Wyoming that I grew up going to ever year. My family had a family vacation there this past weekend. Its a beautiful place. I always love going there.

The only bummer is it's 5 hours away. We stopped at this park on the way to break it up a bit.

We got there a day before the rest of my family. Megan and I decided to run the snake river together with a tour guide. It was awesome. We both love whitewater rafting.

There was lots of 4 wheeler riding.

Sav had here bday while we were there. She had a party earlier, but we had to have her blow out some candles on her day. We only had some cookies so that had to do. We love that girl!

My dad put together this couples obstacle competition which Megan and I won of coarse. Jenny trying to hit the target, she had a hard time.

We spent a lot of time at the lake that the cabin backs up against. Here is the crew on shore.

We had a little raft and all wished we had a ski boat.

My Mom, Mark and Kedric did a lot of fishing. Both on the river and the lake. They caught a few.

Our family stayed at a hotel for 2 of the nights. The hotel had this huge slide outside of it. Savannah loved it! Its awesome.

The men all golfed on Saturday morning in Star Valley. It's beautiful there. We had a great trip. It was a nice break.   Thanks to my parents for providing a great time and keeping us well feed and entertained!